A Preview of Geology of Spirit

Two award-winning fine art photographers, Patrick O'Brien and Cyd Peroni, and two award-winning poets, Lois Roma-Deeley and Rosemarie Dombrowski, collaborated over a period of 18 months to create Geology of Spirit.

As the name suggests, this exhibition looks at the human spirit and how the interior regions of self and society are reflected in the processes and features of the desert Southwest. The artists have rejected the typical landscape motif to use the visual and poetic metaphors of birth/death, wet/dry, shadow/light, and negative/positive space, to speak to two central themes:

· There is rebirth on the other side of decay.
· Something powerful abides within the transience of time.

While these themes grew organically from the collaboration, Rosemarie, Lois, Patrick, and Cyd have purposely left room for viewers to respond as part of a larger collaboration and wholeheartedly invite gallery-goers to bring their own stories to the exhibition.

How the Collaborative Process Worked

Going outside a traditional pairing of photographer with poet to create the work, Cyd, Patrick, Lois, and Rosemarie decided to try collaboration as one. Initially, poets were asked to respond to a large group of photographs to produce 10 poems. Lois and Rosemarie wrote 14 poems, which gave Cyd and Patrick the opportunity to create photos in response to their poetry.

What You’ll See and Hear at Geology of Spirit

Geology of Spirit is constructed as 14 modules. Each module combines one poem with a series of photographs. While poets will be performing selected live readings during the opening reception, gallery visitors will be able to hear each poem throughout the length of the exhibition by using their smartphones to scan a provided QR code. Immediately after the opening reception, the Geology of Spirit website will host pages containing all images and poems as well as a series of interviews with all four participants.

About the Photographs

Patrick O’Brien has created his work as archival pigment prints (pigmented inks on archival 100% cotton paper). Cyd Peroni has created her work as aurumprints (pigmented ink on translucent vellum paper over 24 kt. fine gold leaf and 12 kt. white gold leaf).

Exhibition Dates

February 23 - March 28, 2019

Opening Reception Details

March 9, 2019  (4:30 – 6:30 p.m.)

Holland Gallery of Fine Art
Foothills Community Foundation
34250 N. 60th St., Bldg. B
Scottsdale, AZ 85266

Map and Directions
(The gallery is located just south of Carefree Highway,
between Cave Creek and Scottsdale roads.)

The poets will perform live readings on the half hour during the reception.
Light refreshments served.
Free and open to the public. 

Details on other exhibition events may be found at Geology of Spirit Events Page.

For questions or information on booking the exhibit at your venue, please write to geologyofspirit@gmail.com.

Bios for Geology of Spirit Poets and Photographers can be found here.

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