Project Goals

Before this photo-poetic collaboration became known as "Geology of Spirit" I thought about setting some goals for my photographic journey. My aesthetic has always been as a formalist in so far as I strove for sharp focus, clear details, rich tones, visible texture, and lovely form best represented in black and white images. These things remain a strong draw for my eye and I suspect will always make my heart sing.

But with Geology of Spirit I'm trying to create softer images that evoke more mood and mystery. To that end, I've been trying to shoot as much without my tripod as with it and looking more at the play of light on objects and scenes. I've also tried to embrace color rather than black and white, but I must admit that I am not fully committed to this. Nor do I think I should be at this stage. I'm confident each image will tell me how it should live in the world of viewers.

The weeks of shooting are leading me (at least at present) into two realms: Shadow and Water. It has been a natural choice, something that has evolved unforced. I have real excitement for these elements, how they advance my understanding of photography. Just as important, Shadow and Water hold rich symbolism and connection to the human spiritual experience and history. Water so important to the Southwest and to life itself. Shadow so entwined with light and spiritual seekers.

At this point, I want to do more research into the connections between Spirit and Shadow and Spirit and Water ...




Photo Credit: Cyd Peroni

Cyd Peroni