Further Thoughts About Project Goals

Cyd and I are working hard to on the Geology of Spirit the Spirit.  So far I have created around 400 images and while that number is not an indication of quality or value, it is probably an indication of effort.

It continues to interest me that Cyd and I can stand next to each other and produce completely different images of the same subjects.  When I look at Cyd’s Water series, I see images based on reflections that are visually interesting and that display visual continuity.  Cyd leans toward subtleties with both her color and monochrome images and she is a master of capturing an image that displays her vision.

My style is different, my camera is an instrument that I use to grab a vision that I study and mix and change to recreate something that is usually not subtle, I create colors and textures that you may not see in nature.

Is this a feminine - masculine thing?  Possibly in part.  Is this a good combination?  We think it is; we have had and continue to have conversations about style and substance.  I think Cyd’s vision is a bit better defined than mine.  Our project is in it’s early stage, we have several more venues and topics to shoot and we continue to explore the geology of the spirit of the Southwest.  And we are both looking forward to bringing the poetry of Rosemarie Dombrowski and Lois Roma-Deeley into the mix!

Cyd Peroni