Collaboration and Wearing Two Hats

I have jumped in with both feet on this project. Exhilarating. Challenging. So many questions, but one in particular that came up this week is important to record here:

How do I balance being a collaborating artist creating work as part of a team with being a curator who makes selections and keeps the larger group goals in focus? How do I see the forest with all those trees in the way. :-)

I realized that I need to give myself time to switch hats. A space between creation and evaluation, between my work and the work of others, between free-wheeling thought and tracing the paths on our project map. A morning of shooting followed immediately by curator concerns doesn't work for me. Clearing the slate via walking, sweeping the porch, taking a shower, cooking a meal have proven to be useful strategies for me in switching gears between these two functions.




Photo Credit: Cyd Peroni


Cyd Peroni