We are making great progress with Geology of Spirit; Cyd and I have been traveling together to photograph several locations in different parts of the Sonoran Desert and we also spend time discussing the details of our project. We will continue to travel, photograph and talk, over the next several months.

As we’ve been saying, the Geology of Spirit is not about rocks and minerals, but about our environment - about the bedrock and ensuing layers of our beliefs, the spirit of who we are and how we interact with the environment of the Southwest.  That environment may include our physical environment or the environment that is created by our families and friends - the things that make up who we are. 

So, how are we doing so far with Geology of Spirit?  I feel that we have created a good beginning set of interesting photographs.  Cyd and I continue to complement each others photographic eye so we have a good mix of photos.  

In early December, we will hold our first desktop photo review where for the first time we will look at the “bigger picture” of where we are in the project by viewing each of our best photos in one place.

Doing this will let us see where the similarities and the contrasts of our styles lie and where we may need to expand our efforts.  Then in early January, we’ll share with Rosemarie and Lois the collection of photographs so they can start thinking about their part of this work of art.  We all are looking forward to getting to that point of mixing the visual with the poetry.

Geology of Spirit - March, 2019 - Holland Community Center

Photo Credit: Pat OBrien

Pat O'Brien