Smoke Signals

This is the first of what we plan as a monthly newsletter to help keep everyone up-to-date with what is going on with the Geology of Spirit project.  When the four of us met for the first time in early August, we decided on the official title for our project - “Geology of Spirit.” We also talked about generally, how we would proceed, plus just as importantly, we got a chance for the four of us to meet and socialize! 

Cyd has finished writing a grant proposal that has been submitted to the Arizona Commission on the Arts (several days before their deadline!).  We will continue to keep you informed about the progress of the application, as it winds its way though the approval process. 

Cyd and I are now going to begin producing some images that we think (hope) will fit into the general theme of the project - we’re going to go out and start taking some pictures!  Our initial shooting locations will be in the Cave Creek, New River and North Scottsdale locations, and when the weather cools, move out a bit more.  Be assured, as we stated in the grant proposal, we are not looking to take “landscape” photos and pretty pictures. You may recall, we plan to create around 40 images for the show, and it takes me a fair amount of time to create something that I like so there’s a lot of work ahead.

Lois, our thoughts are with you daily. We know that you’ll be back in full swing soon, but until that time - hang in there!!!!

Speaking for myself, I have a good idea what Cyd brings to this project because I have worked with her in the past, and I have seen the great photographic work that she does.  I am equally pleased to better get to know both Rosemarie and Lois; you both have a gift to turn simple words into verbal works of art!  This is going to be a great collective work. 

Professor Rosemarie, feel free to get out your red pencil and correct my grammar!

Pat O'Brien