Spiritual Talk

[Pat and I met yesterday for coffee. Even managed to sit outside!]

I stumbled on images by Jeanette Montgomery Barron that I liked a bunch and that lead me to this book "Photographs and Poems" that I passed on to Pat. Now that I'm tuned into Geology of Spirit, I'm "finding" more and more interesting research material. We'll see if Pat likes it as much as I did.

We talked next steps. Next steps. Shooting of course, but we've been wanting to talk about spirituality since it's a big part of this project. So what does that mean to each of us? For me, it's being in tuned to my better angels, living a life that is compassionate and respectful to others, making time to be quiet to hear that inner voice. The inner voice. Me hearing God? God speaking to me? Both I think. So yes, I do believe in a higher power. I tried organized religion, but it never seemed a good fit although I do like so many of the rituals and their meanings. Lots of religions have something to teach me about living a meaningful, productive life. Heaven? Hope so. At least a place where I can see those I love again. Hell? Maybe a place without those people. Where do I feel God most? In nature for sure. Part of the reason I wanted to explore this theme. My church? Wild spaces.

But photography can be a spiritual process too. Can't wait to get some books about Minor White and Walter Chappell that I ordered. I know Minor will have something to teach me along these lines.


Photo: Cover of "Photographs and Poems" by Jeanette Montgomery Barron and Jorie Graham.

Cyd Peroni