Poetic Healing

Few dispute the healing properties of a lyrical cadence or line, but I've been thinking a lot about the specific ways in which poetry functions as a medicinal, healing practice in our lives. A line can be used an affirmation. A poem can be used to revisit and process relationship trauma. A poem can also be used to examine (or bear witness to) a personal or historical event. Most importantly, the poem validates the existence of the author (and his/her culture), gives him/her agency beyond that which is commonly afforded by society.

If that isn't a means to healing, then I don't know what is.

I see every poetic project as catalyst for self/other awareness, as an opportunity to heal our troubled relationship with nature and society. No matter what I set out to write, I can't seem to quit exploring our relationship to the natural world. Simply put, it's a relationship that dictates everything in our lives -- personal health/illness, political peace/turmoil, spiritual absence/understanding. 

So here I am.   



Rosemarie Dombrowski