Geology Expedition

I’m about to leave on a two week geology expedition - not the rock kind of geology, but a Geology of Spirit kind.  To explain; I grew up in Detroit, and lived in Michigan through college.  After getting out of school in the era of the late ’60’s - early 70’s, after a severe economic downturn, the Detroit riots and the campus Viet Nam protests, I was sure that my home was “a nice place to be from”, so away I went to seek my fame and fortune elsewhere.  And I have not been back since.

So now it’s time to return and investigate of that geology - to look for my past.  Believe it or not, I was able to remotely connect with some people who I have not had a shred of connection with since the mid 60’s when I stumbled out of high school to find higher education in another town - even though that town was only a handful of miles away.

I’m also going to be looking for people and places who now only exist in my hazy memory of over 50 years ago.  I remember the home where my mother grew up, the Sunday dinners with my very Italian grandparents and my high school, these places no longer physically exist but I plan to stand where they existed to let my thoughts look through the layers of memories - to look at the geology of life.

I plan to use this trip to produce a photographic essay, it may not be something that gets a public showing but I think it will help to fill some blank spots in my memory.  Maybe the essay should include some poetry?  I’ll let the GofS blog know how this geologic process shapes up.


Photo Credit: Pat O'Brien

Pat O'Brien