Here We Go!

I just returned from my two week trip back to my roots on the East Coast and now I can shift my efforts to our Geology project.  This week I’ve had the privilege of working for the first time with my fellow geologist Cyd as we went out to do some real field work by photographing the amazing Sonoran desert.

Cyd and I spent several hours photographing our very local surroundings.  I’m always amazed in the way two people could stand next to each other and take a photograph of the same thing, and produce two very different images.  As will be most evident as we continue this journey, Cyd’s artistic eye is very special.

So we will continue to photograph the world; well maybe not the world but at least the Southwest.  And be assured that we are not going to just photograph rocks and minerals and plants.  The Spirit in our project must include both the spirit of the Southwest Desert and the human spirit.

Very soon we will begin to collaborate with our two amazing poets - to share our visions both literally and figuratively with them to allow them to interweave their words into the Spirit of this project - I’m sure that the spirit of humanity will be evident in their efforts.  Likewise, Cyd and I will continue to explore the Spirit of Humanity in our work.

Much more to come.

Photo Credit: Pat O'Brien

Pat O'Brien