Research Books Arriving!

One of my goals in undertaking this project was to research what other photographers discovered about the connection between nature and spirit. Minor White, one of my favorite photographers, came immediately to mind. I haven't done much reading on White so this is a double treat. I'm pretty excited about the arrival of the first two books:

"Minor White: Manifestations of the Spirit"
"The Time Between: The Sequences of Minor White"


"Manifestations" is teaching me about Alfred Steiglitz's theory of "Equivalents" on a deeper level. I think this idea will be powerful as I move through making images for Geology of Spirit. White explains it this way:

"These abstract images, which he [Steiglitz] called "equivalents," were not meant to be interpreted literally; rather, they were to be seen as metaphors for emotional states."

I found out White wrote poems during his time in WWII and rewrote them after talking to Steiglitz about the Equivalents theory then tried to find the verses' visual equivalents.


I found an even more direct connection to poetry in "The Time Between"! White speaks to the challenges of combining words and photos and sequencing photos, which I'm also researching as I think about the task ahead of curating and editing the exhibition as a whole.










Cyd Peroni