(Un)Intended Consequences

One of the poets in our last meeting asked what I wanted to achieve with this project, which confused me a bit. Hadn't we talked about this before? Why was I stumbling around for an answer that felt honest? But the question made me realize that what I had hoped to accomplish had changed since first conceiving of an exhibit that would combine photography with poetry.

My original goal in the initial proposal to the gallery was to educate the community on the breadth and depth of photographic expression in terms of the various processes – traditional, alternative and experimental, and individual visions – representational, non-representational. I wanted to say that photography was more than a digital click and cheap prints from Costco, as wonderful as those can be. That exhibit would have involved many more participants than what Geology of Spirit has become - a decision that I don't regret, but one that has certainly changed the scope of this endeavor for me.

The other aspect of my original intent was to take viewers into nature and my head so that I could share what I see and how that gives my spirit rest, peace, wonderment, inspiration, and elicits all the emotions that are often so hard to convey. This part of it hasn't changed. I hope to connect with others who share these experiences and who also believe in their importance.

For the purely selfish part (I don't use the world selfish as a negative here), yes, I want to share my images with the public, to hopefully send some prints home with others and earn money, to expand my personal reach as a photographer.

I have a headache this morning as I write this. Lots of thoughts about collaboration are pounding their fists against my brain trying to get out. :-)



Cyd Peroni